The Tutorial System

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The Tutorial System

With a view to improve the general atmosphere of the college and to provide opportunities for closer contact between staff and students, the tutorial system has been introduced in the college. Each member of the teaching staff will act as a group tutor of 20-25 students of a class. The tutor keeps himself in touch with the students and ensures their progress in studies and participation in curricular, co-curricular, and extracurricular activities. The tutor will supervise the ward’s progress in studies and conduct, and through guidance, counseling and persuasive approach, the tutor endeavours to mould the character and personality of the students.

Leave will be granted and conduct certificates will be issued to students only on the recommendation of the group tutor. Every tutor shall keep a personal diary regarding the conduct, character and progress of his/her wards.

Tutors of various UG and PG classes during 2022-2023

Department I year II year III year
English (UG) Smt. Priyanka V Smt. Gayathri P Smt. Vandana Viswanath
English (PG) Smt. Devika G Smt. Sangeetha G Nair
Malayalam Smt. Saraja R Dr. Anusmitha N Dr. Bindu M K
Economics  (UG) Sri. Jithesh C P
Smt. Amrutha P
Smt. Divya K M Smt. Sruthi P
Economics  (PG) Lt. Dr. Sindhu Krishnadas Smt. Megha T
Mathematics Dr. Priya R S Lt. Mohanan T Dr. Vineesh K P
Physics Smt. Neethu P Dr. Divya N K Smt. Nimisha Babu Raj
Botany (UG) Smt. Shini  M Dr. Abhilash E S Smt. Lesitha K R
Biology (PG) Dr. Megha P U Dr. Vijaytha Vijayakumar
Commerce (UG) Sri. BabuT P Sri. Rejish M T Smt. Vidya, K,
Smt. Dhanya Krishna
Commerce (PG) Dr. Joobi. V P Smt. Akhila M K