Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

Sree Narayana Guru College Chelannur -

Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

With a view to maintain a cordial relation between the parents and teachers a P.T.A is working in this college. It aims at promoting the welfare of the students and the institution in general by helping the Principal in maintaining a peaceful academic atmosphere in the college.

PTA Executive Committee 2019-20

President Dr. Devipriya V
Vice President Sri Murali K.K.
Kizhake Kaniyath (H), Kannankara PO, Chelannur, Mob : 9947428078
Secretary Dr.Joobi V.P .
Assistant Professor of Commerce
Joint Secretary Smt. Kavitha P K
ThazhathuVattoli, Kakkor, Nanminda, Perumpoyil, Mob : 9946227496
Treasurer Sri Babu T.P.
Assistant Professor of Commerce
Members Smt. Rejula Natesan
Chamaparambil(H), Moozhikkal, Chelavoor-PO, Calicut, Mob: 9895334822
  Sri. M. Manikuttan
Aardhram, Pullaloor, Parannur PO, Kozhikode, Mob : 9446895702
  Sri. Sreekumar A K
Sreeragam House, Kakkur PO, Nanminda Via, Mob : 9846545030
  Sri. Jithesh C.P.
Assistant Professor of Political Science
  Sri. Rajesh M.R.
Assistant Professorof Electronics
  Smt. Dhanya Krishna
Assistant Professor of Commerce

Report of PTA 2019-20.


In the year 2019-20 as part of non-academic excellence PTA sponsored for conducting Inter University Volleyball championship and Fine arts day celebrations. PTA also advanced for the proper functioning of NSS camp and WWS & SSP classes. “Drinking Water Project” was the important contribution of PTA, which provided drinking water facility to the college and hostels with the help of digging a borewell and fixing water purifier in the college campus and also PTA constructed a toilet in the building and renovated sick room for the girl students. In the month of January PTA conducted a general body to honour the students who made great achievements in the field of academics, sports and arts. In order to enhance the academic excellence PTA organised Ripples, 2019, the multi- disciplinary annal seminar series in this year also.

PTA Executive Committee 2018-19

President Dr. Devipriya V.
Vice President Sri. P. Sivadasan
Puthiyedath (H), Kannankara-PO Chelannur, Calicut-673616
Mob: 9995307502
Secretary Dr. Joobi V.P. (Assistant Professor  of Commerce)
Members Smt. Kavitha P.K.
Thazhathu Vattoly, Kakkodi-PO Calicut-673613, Mob: 9946227496
  Smt. Rejula Natesan
Chamaparambil (H), Moozhikkal, Chelavoor-PO , Calicut, Mob: 9895334822
  Sri. K.K. Murali
Kizhakke Kaniyath, Nandanam, Kannankara, Chelannur Calicut. Mob: 9947428078
  Sri. Arumukhan A.K
Peedamparayil (H), P.C. Palam-PO Narikkuni (via), Calicut, Mob: 8086507958
  Dr. Santhosh C.R.
Assistant Professor  of Sanskrit
  Smt. Jaseena T.P.
Assistant Professor  of Arabic
  Ms. Smt. Shini M.
(Assistant Professor  of  Chemistry
  Sri. Jithesh C.P.
Assistant Professor  of Political Science

Report of PTA 2018-19
The College PTA plays a significant role in finding the ways of improving the life and performance areas, academic, social, cultural and ethical. It mainly takes into account the welfare and education of the student’s community by means of bringing up well educated, cooperative and perfectly behaved young citizens. In order to help the college, realize its purpose, the PTA plays an important role which includes expenses relating to running and activities of the college. It acts as a life blood and nerve centre of the institution.In the year 2018-19, as part of Golden Jubilee Celebrations PTA provided financial assistance for conducting Departmental Exhibitions, “Extravaganca” to showcase the talents of the students and teachers and thereby disseminating the valuable information and knowledge to the students of neighbourhood institutions. And also, as part of Golden Jubilee celebrations PTA organised “Guruvandanam” for honouring the former teaching and non-teaching staff who served the institution for the last 50 years of the college. This year as part of academic excellence PTA launched a Multi-Disciplinary Seminar Series, Ripples with the whole hearted cooperation of the 18 individual departments. In addition to this PTA assisted for conducting various departmental workshop& seminars for enriching the students with practical skills. For the purpose of eradicating the problem of unemployment a Job Fest was also conducted with the support of PTA.The other major activities done by PTA was installation of CCTV camera in and around campus, assistance for meeting the expenses relating to college cleanliness and maintenance, quarry waste accumulation, college union, cultural, departmental and various clubs activities of the students, purchase of fixed assets such as computer system, furniture, Television, projector etc,  route map, principal name board and UPS. In the end of academic year PTA conducted a general body as part of retirement of staff.

PTA General Body Meeting 2018

Extravaganza 2018 Arabic Exhibition

Sent off to Staff 2018-19