Annual Quality Assurance Report [AQAR]

Sree Narayana Guru College Chelannur -

Institution Best Practices

Academic Activities 2019-20

Ripples 2019 – Seminar Series
Ripples, a Multi-disciplinary Academic Seminar Series was planned as a group effort by all the eighteen departments of Sree Narayana Guru College, Chelannur with the backbone support of Parent’s Teachers Association. It was launched as part of Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Sree Narayana Guru College in the year 2018 with a view to enlighten the youngsters through academic deliberations. This programme was being initiated with the humble aim to continue the same in the years to come, so that our institution situated in the rural backdrop of the district of Kerala State will continue to provide exposure and platform for students from socio-economically backward groups of society. The main aim of Ripples is to bring together a wide range of faculty, students and researchers in the field of Arts, Science and Humanities to gain a deeper understanding of today’s presenting global challenges. These events are expected to provide the students, researchers and faculty, platform for presenting papers on the interested topics and for interaction with luminaries from various disciplines of Arts, Science and Humanities, with more knowledge for higher academic pursuits in future.

Technology Enabled Digital Interactive Session
IQAC of SNG college conducts learning session every month for all the students. This series of session are called “ICTEDIS”. Through this series of digital interactive session for all students, learning is made possible. Information and Communication Technology can impact student learning when teachers are digitally literate and understand how to integrate it into curriculum.ICT can complement, enrich and transform learning process for the better.

Social Responsibility Activities

Padheyam-Food Distribution Program:
NSS unit of SNG College started the food distribution program titled Padheyam on the World Food Day in 2014.From 2019, the SEED club members continued the initiative as part of SEED activities. In 2019-2020 academic year a total of 1800 lunch boxes were distributed.

  • Padheyam is an innovative midday meal program to serve the poor patients of Kozhikode Medical College and beggars of Calicut City.
  • The SEED club members and other students of the college bring an extra meal when they bring their lunch.
  • When they come in the morning, they bring extra meal. These meals are stored in college office.
  • Around 11.30, the SEED club members, collect these meals, and take these meals to the Calicut Medical College.
  • At the gate, the patients will be waiting in queue to get these meals. They distribute the meals and return to the college. This is repeated once a week every Friday.

‘Break the Chain’ - Hand Sanitizer Preparation and Distribution
As scarcity of hand sanitizers became a challenge in fighting ‘Coved 19’, Dept. Of Chemistry and Bhoomithrasena club of our college jointly made sanitizers for use within the campus and also for supplying to public institutions like village office, agriculture office, banks, health centres, police station etc. Sanitizer is prepared based on guidelines published by World Health Organization. This initiative was taken after the State Health Department launched ‘Break the Chain’ campaign that envisages promotion of hygienic habits and mandatory hand-washing at public places, offices and educational institutions.

Break the Chain (Covid 19) - Mask Making and Distribution
As confirmed cases of COVID-19 continue to rise, the local, state and central governments are recommending that everyone wear a cloth mask when they go out in public. However, there are not enough masks to support this. Therefore, the SEED club of SNG College, Forestry club & Nature club decided to make masks and distribute them for the public. As a first step, the masks were distributed in Primary Health Centers, Grama Panchayath offices, Police stations, Calicut Press club, Fire force offices, Gas distribution agencies, Socio- forestry offices, Neighboring shops, SNG College office staff members, Teachers, and in Petrol pumps.

Initially, a total of 1400 masks were distributed among the above offices and neighboring communities. Masks are recommended as a simple barrier to help prevent respiratory droplets from traveling into the air and onto other people when the person wearing the mask coughs, sneezes, talks, or raises their voice. This is called source control. This recommendation is based on what we know about the role respiratory droplets play in the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19, paired with emerging evidence from clinical and laboratory studies that shows masks reduce the spray of droplets when worn over the nose and mouth.

The SEED club members and forestry club members went to each house in Chelannur village and instructed people about importance of wearing masks. They distributed masks and taught them how to wear the masks in a proper manner. Some of the group members stood near the high-way and distributed masks to travelers and drivers. The members got tremendous support of the police and local health department in order to do perform this in a successful manner. The team also conducts weekly evaluation of this program with local body government and analyzes how we can improve this program. Dr. N. Anusmitha, SEED club c-coordinator, K. R. Lesitha, Nature club coordinator, Dr. E. S. Abhilash, Forestry club coordinator, and SEED student coordinator P. Shamnad play the leading roles in this program.

P G Department of Economics, is hosting a programme, Unarve to help the marginalized sections of the community. Students visited Athani , an old age home in Narikkuni to understand the problems of old age group.They give onam feast to them. Students also help them to market the products made by the residents of Athani

Green Campus Initiative

Organic Farming By Students
There was unused 50 cents of land on the premises of SNG Ladies hostel. For years, this land was not cultivated. The SEED club members worked on this land and created a beautiful organic vegetable garden. The members got the support of Jeevanai Program of Government of Kerala. Different types of vegetables including brinjal, green chili, banana, tapioca, peas, cabbage, cauliflower, spinach, cucumber, elephant foot, colocasia and ladies finger are planted. The SEED club members worked every day on this garden.

The harvested vegetables were distributed among neighboring community of Chelannur. A major share of the vegetables was used in the hostel kitchen.  Mathrubhumi News covered the event and presented it as a documentary. This report was telecasted on Mathrubhumi News channel.

Love Plastic Campaign and Cloth Bag Distribution

  • “Love Plastic” is a unique venture to reduce, reuse, and recycle plastic. In association with Mathrubhumi, the SNG college SEED club does the following:
  • The plastic waste is collected from each class rooms, women’s hostel, labs, and libraries.
  • Students bring plastic waste from neighboring households. This plastic waste is cleaned, dried and crushed before segregating.
  • This plastic waste is segregated as low micron, high micron, and high density.
  • This segregated waste is stored in separate sacks and stored.
  • This plastic waste is regularly sent to Mathrubhumi recycle centre for recycling.
  • On another initiative, the SEED club members visit each house hold in Chelannur Panchayath and distribute cloth bags. The SEED members instructed people to use the cloth bags for shopping. Instead of using plastic bags, these cloth bags are used in the households. This has significantly reduced the use of plastic in Chelannur Panchayath.

Environmental Pollution Awareness Campaign
Nature club conducts Environmental pollution awareness programme every month. This program was started on November 20th 2019. The members work in collaboration with Calicut Traffic Police and run a campaign against traffic pollution. The members instruct the drivers of public and private vehicles and teach them the importance of cleanliness and advantages of obeying traffic rules. The student members use cycles and encourage other students to use cycle instead of fuel based vehicles. In order to save drivers from pollution, N95 masks were distributed among drivers. The student members planted tree saplings on the side of the national highway from Balussery to Calicut.

Grow Bag Distribution And Awareness Programme On Organic Farming
Bhoomithrasena club of Sree Narayana Guru College, Chelannur distributed filled grow bags and seedling to local people for creating a vegetable garden at their home. Formal inauguration of the programme was done by Principal, Dr. Devipriya V on 11 February 2020. Club members made aware of the local people about the importance of organic farming. Potting mix was prepared by  mixing soil, coco peat and cow dung in 1:1:1 ratio which ensures good drainage and air flow for strong root growth in ‘grow bags’ .The seedlings were bought from ‘Niravu’, Vengeri. The seedlings include, chilly, lady’s finger, tomato, vengeri brinjal, beans etc.

Vegetable cultivation, Tree sapling distribution and plantation program
On June 5th, World Environment Day, the distribution of tree saplings and plantation program was inaugurated. Dr. DevipriyaV , Principal of SNG College, inaugurated the program. In this program, students distributed tree saplings in every house hold in ChelannurGramaPanchayath. Students distributed 5 saplings to each house hold. The students educated the people aboutthe  importance of planting trees. The students so far completed visiting 150 houses and educated them about importance of having trees. The kids in the neighbouring community were educated about clean environment.  Smt. K R Lesitha and Dr. ES Abhilash coordinated  this program.

Moving Library for neighbours
The Malayalam Department started this program in order improve reading habits of women in the neighbouring community. Students visit house hold and lend books to women. Students visit them after a week with a new set of books. The old books will be returned and the new books will be issued. This program has been live for the past four years.

Dr.Deepesh Karimpunkara, Dr. Anusmitha N. and Bindu MK provide guidance for this program. As part of the World Reading Day, the Department of Malayalam distribute 100 free books every year to neighbouring women.

Ripples- Multi-disciplinary Seminar series was introduced in 2018 to continue as one of the best practices of the Institution. This programme was being initiated with the humble aim to continue the same in the years to come, so that our institution situated in the rural back ground of the district of Kerala will provide exposure for the students from socio – economically backward groups of the society.This programme bring together a wide range of faculty, students and researchers in the field of arts, science and Humanities to gain deeper understanding of research development.Every department of the college organises seminars as part of this. UG students are encouraged to present research papers to develop their communication and presentation skills.