Scholarships and Endowments

Sree Narayana Guru College Chelannur -

Scholarships and Endowments

  • Scholarship 2020-21

  • University Merit Scholarship based  on  marks  in  the  qualifying examinations
  • Leela and Raveendran Endowment Scholarship
  • Kerala State Higher Education Council Scholarship
  • Pratibha scholarship sponsored by Kerala State Council for Science Technology and Environment
  • National Scholarship to children of school teachers
  • National Scholarship to Physically handicapped
  • Temple Entry Proclamation Memorial Scholarship
  • Sreekanteswaram Kshetrayogam Scholarship
  • National Loan Scholarship
  • National Merit Scholarship
  • Sports Scholarship
  • Hindi Scholarships
  • Muslim-Nadar Scholarship   
  • Labour Welfare Fund Scholarship
  • State Government Merit Scholarship
  • UGC Single Girl Child Scholarship


  • Endowments by Mazhavilkalam
  • Anunamya Anusree Award by Dr. K.S. Jayasree
  • Prof. Mini Vedavyasan Memorial Award for the Highest Scorer in Physics.
  • Prashanth Memorial Award by his batchmates.

Fee Concession

  • Applicants belonging to the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, other eligible communities, Kudumbis and Christian Converts from the Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes who are bonafide subjects of the Kerala State are eligible for full fee concession, stipend and lumpsum grant. They will have to produce at the time of admission a certificate of nativity and certificate of community.
  • Students who are bonafide subjects of Kerala are eligible for full fee concession provided the income of both their parents or guardians does not exceed Rs1,00,000/- in the case of admission to the degree class and post graduate classes.
  • All the particulars required in the income and community certificate and in the prescribed applications for fee concessions shall neatly, legibly and correctly be filled in with out leaving any of the columns blank, and shall be submitted along with the income certificate.
  • In case the father of the student is not alive and the income certificate produced in the name of mother, certificate from the competent authority stating that the father is not alive and that the mother is the guardian of the student, also has to be submitted along with the income certificate.
  • In case both the father and mother are not alive, certificate to that effect shall be produced stating therein the relationship of the guardian to the students.
  • In case the parent/guardian of the student is an employee in service of the Government, quasi government/private establishment, a certificate from the employer concerned along with the income certificate should be produced. Similarly in the case of pensioners, a certificate from the competent authority also shall be produced stating the monthly amount received by way of pension.
  • Application for fee concession in the prescribed form which is available from the college office, shall be submitted within two weeks from the date of admission or commencement of classes failing which the full fee will have to be paid.
  • Applicants who come under (2) above should produce in addition to nativity certificate, community and income certificates issued by Village officer/Tahsildar in the prescribed form. The income of both the parents must be shown in the form and certified.
  • Nativity certificate has to be obtained from a Revenue Officer.
  • Community certificate obtained from anyone of the following authorities will be accepted. M. P., MLA, Tahsildar, Deputy Tahsildar, Revenue Inspector, Vigilance Munsif and the President of a Punchayat Board. The name of Community should be spelt exactly in the same way as given in the list issued by the Government of Kerala.
  • Applications for the fee concessions in the prescribed form should be produced at the date of admission. If this is not done, the fees will have to be paid.
  • Applicants who do not produce the necessary certificate at the time of admission will not be admitted.

NB: Students who discontinue their studies after enjoying educational concessions are liable to refund all the benefits enjoyed during the Courses. (Vide letter No. D 9-8349/86 dated 3.6.92 & 8-10487 dt. 7.11.92 of the District Development Officer for the S.C. Kozhikode).