Research Projects

Sree Narayana Guru College Chelannur -

Major Research Projects

1 Dr. Abhilash E.S. Forest fragmentation of Palakkad District, UGC, 10 lakhs
2 Dr. Abhilash E.S. Biodiversity Mapping of Sholayar Reserve Forests, UGC, 12 lakhs, 2013-2016

Minor Research Projects

1 Dr. Deepesh Karimpunkara Patriarchal Images in the Poems of P Kunhiraman Nair
2014-16, Funding Agency: UGC,Rs.60,000/-
2 Dr. N. Ratheesh &
Dr. K.R. Lesitha
Impact of Human Intervention on the Topography and Ecology of Kalarikunnu, 2013-15, Funding Agency: UGC, Rs.1,40,000/-
3 Dr. Vinarsha T.M. Human Resource Management Practices in the Private Health Care Industry.2014-2016,  Funding Agency: UGC,  Rs.1,10,000/-
4 Dr. Jeothilekshmi S.K. A Study on the Access, Use and Impact of Cooperative Investment Credit on the Tribal Population of Wayanad. 2014-2016,Funding Agency: UGC, Rs.80,000/-
5 Smt. Dhanya Krishna Role of NCC in the Enhancement of Personal Skills among College Students. 2014-2016, Funding Agency: UGC, Rs.90,000/-
6 Lt. Dr. Sindhu Krishnadas T Problems of Working Women in the Unorganized Sector- A Case Study with Special Reference to the Women Teachers Working in Unaided Schools in the Rural Areas of Kozhikode District, 2013-15, Funding Agency: UGC, Rs.80,000/-
7 Smt. Sheela P.K. Wide Band Gap Cut Thin Film through SILAR Technique: Optimization of Deposition Technique. 2013-15, Funding Agency: UGC, Rs.80,000/-
8 Dr. Shereena J. & Dr. K.R. Lesitha Floristic Study of a Sacred Grove (VallikkattuKavu), Kozhikkode, Kerala, South India, , 2011-13, Funding Agency: UGC, Rs.80,000/-
9 Smt. Kumari Padmaja P.S. Impact of Regional Rural Bank in the Development of Women Entrepreneurial in the Service of Kerala. 2011-13, Funding Agency: UGC, Rs.78,000/-

PhD Holders among Faculty

1 Dr. Devipriya V Biosystematic Studies in  Hibiscus rosa-sinensis L. –Morphological, Palynological and Molecular
2 Dr. J. Mayadevi Long Journeys for Inheritance: The Politics of the Homeland in Select Novels of RohintonMistry, AmitavGhosh, and Kiran Desai
3 Dr. Deepesh Karimpunkara Patriarchal  Images in the Modern Malayalam Poetry
4 Dr. Bindu M.K. Expatriation in M.Mukundan's Novels
5 Dr. Anusmitha N. Influence of Television Serials on Kerala Women in the Light of Family Relationships: A Critical Study
6 Dr. Santhosh C.R. Tattvapradipika – A Study
7 Dr. Suma T.K. An Analytical Study of Experiments in Time,Space and Action in the Plays of Mohan Rakesh 
8 Dr. Sindhu Krishnadas T. Economics of Unaided Schools in Kerala
9 Dr. N. Manojkumar India, Israel and Palestine – Diplomatic Triangle
10 Dr. Abhilash E.S. Ecosystem Analysis and Vegetation Mapping of Goodrical Range Kerala using remote Sensing Techniques
11 Dr. Joobi V.P. Dimensions of Corporate Social Responsibility in Responsible Tourism and its Impact- with Special Reference to Kerala

Ongoing Ph.D. work by Faculty

1 Smt. Devika G. Spatialisation of New Sexualities and Genders in Transgender Narratives: A Critical Inquiry
2 Smt. Jaseena T.P. Critical Study of Works of FaduaTuqan
3 Smt. Akhila M.K. Management Practices of Women Entrepreneurs in the MSME Sector of Kerala
4 Smt. Athma Jayaprakash Influence of Internet Advertising on Consumer Buying Behaviour in Kerala - Study with Reference to Electronic Goods

Faculty Development Programme of UGC

1 Dr. J. Mayadevi Long Journeys for Inheritance: The Politics of the Homeland in Select Novels of RohintonMistry, AmitavGhosh, and Kiran Desai 2010- 13
2 Dr. Bindu M.K. Expatriation in M.Mukundan's Novels (A study based on the novels Pravasam, Delhi and Delhigathakal)  2016- 18