Annual Quality Assurance Report [AQAR]

Sree Narayana Guru College Chelannur -

Institutional Distinctiveness

Institutional Distinctiveness 2019-20

The vision of the college is to provide quality education to students from the weaker sections of the society. Looking back, it could be seen that the institution has been catering to the educational needs of female and male students from the socially and economically backward classes. In spite of the locational backwardness, due to being a rural area, the institution could conduct innumerable regional seminars and even a few national seminars sponsored by the UGC for the benefit of the students. Many of our students move to reputed Institutions of Higher learning after their graduation and postgraduation. Besides the students are encouraged to excel in co- and extracurricular activities too, which the achievements of our students in the area of sports and arts exemplify.

The institution: Sree Narayana Guru College, Chelannur, is situated at the foot of the towering Kalari Hills, in a quiet village about 14 kilometres in the north-east direction from Kozhikode. This college has remained committed as it moves to its 51 year. The main focus of this college is to promote higher education among the economically weak and socially backward sections of the society irrespective of caste and creed.

Courses: The college offers 7 UG courses, 3 PG courses and an IGNOU centre in the college.

Vision:"Enlightenment and Liberation through Education"

Out reachprogrammes:One of the outreach programmesfollowed by the college is blood donation. The college has prepared a blood bank directory of the staff and students and also local residents, who are willing to donate blood. The college organises blood group detection camps in the college every year and updates its blood bank directory. The hospitals in Calicut city contact the blood bank committee of the college in case of blood requirements and the committee with help of the directory arranges willing people for the same. As a part of NSS Initiative the volunteers of NSS had constructed a house for a needy student in the nearby locality. The institution further provides facilities for conducting contact classes of the correspondence courses under the IGNOU study programme coordinated by the IGNOU study center .This Institution lays great emphasis on uplifting the socially and economically backward sections of the society.

One of the institutional best practices is Padheym, which is carried out by the students and staff for the last 4 years. It’s a program for providing one time meal for the poor people and the bystanders of Kozhikode medical college hospital. The program initiated by the NSS units of the college was taken up by the whole college. In this program the students and staff bring food packets on a day every week. The NSS volunteers collect these packets and distribute it among the poor people near medical college hospital.