Dr. Kumar SP; M.A., UGC-NET., Ph.D.

Principal, Sree Narayana Guru College Chelannur

Area of Interest

Micro Economics, Quantitative Economics, Indian Economy

Area of Research

Rural Development and E-governance

Courses Attended

One Orientation Course, Two Refresher Courses and Two Short Term Courses

Research Guidance

Yes. Approval No. Ac.EI/AI/17175/2017

Ph.D Produced


Responsibilities undertaken

Serves as convenerof Discipline Committee, Public Information Officer, Member of Research committee, coordinator IQAC, Editor ‘Holistic Thought’, NAAC Steering committee Member, PTA Treasurer, Member Admission Committee, Coordinator Academic Committee, Convenor Planning Forum.

Seminars/Courses organized

Coordinator of UGC Sponsored Two Days seminar on Fiscal Crisis in Kerala organized by Departmentof Economics,  Sree Narayana College, Kollam.(dt.25/11/2008 to 26/11/2008).

Faculty Profile

  • Kumar S  P (2011), “ E-Governance and Development: a comparative Perspective, Development VS Deprivation in the Era of Globalisation edited by M K Saralamma and Manju S. Nair, Sonali Publications, New Delhi, ISBN: 978-81- 8411- 330- 3.
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Papers Presented
  • International Conference on “Development Vs Deprivation in the Era of Globalisation”, Organised by University of Kerala and State Planning Board, E-governance and Development of India, 14th&15th Dec.2009
  • Two-day National Seminar on “Manifestation of Global Financial Crisis in India”, Sponsored by UGC, “Impact of Global Economic Crisis on Real Sector in India, Sree Narayana College, Sivagiri 13th&14th Nov.2009
  • Two Days National Seminar on Inclusive Growth and Indian Economy: Twenty Years of Liberalisation, UGC sponsored, E-Governance as a Tool for Inclusive Development: Experience At LSG Level in Kerala, Bishop Moore College, Mavelikara, 19/09/2012 to 20/09/2012.
  • Two Day National Seminar on Current Economic Issues and Development, sponsored by Higher Education Dept., Technological Chang and E-Waste Generation, KNM Govt. Arts and Science College, Kanjiramkulam, 24/01/2012 to 25/01/2012.
  • Two Day National Seminar on Parliamentary Democracy and Good Governance in India sponsored by Institute of Parliamentary Affairs, Government of Kerala, E-Governance and Decentralised Planning in Kerala, SN College Kollam, 17/01/2013 to 18/01/2013.
  • One Day National Seminar on FDI in Retail Sector in India, Sponsored by Dept. of Higher Education, Retail Sector and Employment in Kerala, University College, Trivandrum, 12/02/2013.
  • Two Day National Seminar on e-Governance Prospects in Indian Administration, Sponsored by Institute of Parliamentary Affairs, Kerala, E-governance and LSGs in Kerala, Catholicate College, Pathanamthitta, 25/02/13 to 26/02/13.
  • International Conference on Deepening Democracy, Organised by Department of Local Self Government of Kerala, E-Governance and Decentralised Planning in Kerala, 19/01/2014 to 21/01/2014.
  • One Day National Seminar on Electoral Reforms, Governance and Development, sponsored by Institute of Parliamentary Affairs, Role of ICT foe Good Governance, University College, 15/01/2014.
  • Two Day National Seminar on Sustainable Development of India: A Rethinking for the 21st Century, Sponsored by UGC, Development Challenges of  Resources in Kerala, PG Department of Economics, E.K Nayanar Memorial Govt. College, Elaerithattu, Kasaragod, 29/09/2014 to 30/09/2014.
  • Two Day National Seminar on Recent Trends in Kerala State Finances, Sponsored by UGC , Resource Mobilisation at LSG Level in Kerala, SN College, Sivagiri, Varkala, 23/10/14 to 24/10/14.
  • Two Day National Seminar on Trends in Kerala State Finance, Sponsored by UGC, Problems and Prospects of LSG Finance in Kerala, KNM Government Arts and Science College, Kanjiramkulam, 30/12/14 to 31/12/14
  • Two Day National Seminar on Importance of Green GDP and Sustainable Development in India, sponsored by UGC, Challenges of Water Sustainability- The Path Ahead, SN College for Women, Kollam, 06/07/2015 to 07-07-2015
  • Two Day National Seminar on Emerging Issues in Labour Market and Migration, sponsored by DCE , Socio – Economic Impact of  Inland Migration in Kerala, University College, Trivandrum, 10/12/2015 to 11/12/2015.
  • One day State level Workshop on e-Governance and Service Delivery, PTA sponsored, e-Governance and Service Delivery, SN College Kollam, 20/02/2016.
  • Two Day National Conference on “Kerala Economy : Challenges to Development”, Sponsored by UGC, Financial Resources and Decentralised Planning in Kerala, SN college, Sivagiri, Varkala,26/02/2016 to 27/02/2016.
  • One Day invited Lecture on Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation at SNSM Higher Secondary School, Elampalloor, Kundara, Kollam, 29/09/2016.
  • Two Day National Seminar on Protection of Western Ghats: Issues, Concerns and Policy Alternatives, sponsored by UGC, Problems and Prospects of Western Gat Development Programme: A Case Study in Kerala, 27/10/2016 to 28/10/2016.
  • Two Day National Seminar on Emerging Challenges of Health Sector in Kerala, Sponsored by DCE, E-Governance and Health Care System in Kerala, University College, Trivandrum, 09/01/2017 to 10/01/2017.
  • Three Day National Seminar on Kerala Economy @60: Development in Retrospect and Prospect sponsored by DCE Kerala, Chaired and Presented a Paper on issues of PDS in Kerala, Government Arts College, Trivandrum, 02/02/17 to 04/02/17.
  • Two Day National Seminar on De Novo Engines of Growth: Role of Emerging Sectors, sponsored by DCE, E-Governance Progress: Challenges and Opportunities, University College, Trivandrum, 21/02/2017 to 22/02/2017.
  • Invited Lecture on Lecture Series viz, SPECTRUM 2017, Organized by PTA of SN College, Chempazhanthy, Is India Moving towards a Cashless Economy? , 03/03/2017.
  • Three Day International Seminar on Changing Pattern of Fiscal and Monitory Policies in India: Boon or Bane to Development, Sponsored by UGC, Effectiveness of Plan Formulation and Budgeting at LSG Level- An Evaluation, University of Kerala, Karyavattom, 14/03/2017 to 16/03/2017.
  • Three Day National Seminar on Development Experience of Kerala: Problems, Prospects and the Way Foreword, Sponsored by DCE Kerala,  Local Level Planning and Primary Sector in Kerala, Government College Attingal, 15/ 11/2017 to 12/ 11/ 2017.
  • Invited Lecture on Research Methodology organised by Department of Economics, SN College for Women, 12/01/2018.
  • Three Day National Seminar on Reaching the Unreached Through Science and Technology, Sponsored by Department of Environment and Climatic Change, Role of ICT in Rural Development, SN College Kollam, 12/ 02/2018  to 14/02/2018.
  • International Seminar on Fiscal Stability and State Policy: Recent Trends in India, sponsored by University of Kerala, Impact of e-Governance on Service Sector Delivery, 18th to 20th November 2019.
  • International Seminar on Cyber Security and Digital Marketing, sponsored by KSHEC, E-governance and Cyber Security,2nd March,2020.
  • National Webinar on Impact of Covid on Indian Economy, Sponsored by PTA, Covid -19 and Indian Economy, V.T Bhattathiripad College, Sree Krishnapuram, Palakkad, February- 2021
Refresher and Orientation course Attended
Name of the Course /Summer School Place Duration Sponsoring Agency

Refresher Course in Economics

ASC, University of Kerala.

06-08-2005 to 27-08-2005


Special Summer Schools

ASC, University of Kerala

23-07-2008 to 12-08-2008


Refresher Course in Economics

ASC, Jawaharlal Nehru University

10-02-2014 to 07-03-2014


Short term Course on Disaster Management

UGC HRDC, University of Kerala

18-07-2018 to 25-07-2018


One Month Moodle Learning Management Training

Sree Narayana College, Chengannur

1/1/2020 to

IIT Bombay

One Week FDP on Online Education in Higher Education Institution

Kerala State Higher Education Council

3/8/2020 to 7/8/2020