The department has been conducting seminars and workshops on a regular basis during the last few years. Dia De Luna -National Moon Day-2019 was celebrated on 24 July 2019 in the college seminar hall with an invited lecture by Sri. Bijoy, Research Scholar, NIIT Calicut on Computational Quantum Mechanics and Density Functional Theory. The students presented topics related to this special day and an interdepartmental quiz competition was also conducted on the topic Moon Day.

National Science Day was celebrated by the Department on 28 February 2019 by a visit to CMET, Athani, Thrissur, an institute working with the unique concept for development of viable technologies in the area of materials mainly for electronics.

The department conducted a Golden Jubilee Seminar on Importance of Scientific Research in connection with Ripples 2018 and an exhibition as part of Extravaganza 2018.

The Physics association (2019-2020) headed by Akash T M was inaugurated on 29/10/2019 by Dr Mohammed Aslam  Head of the department of Physics, Govt. Arts and Science college Meenchanda who had worked on developing sensors for collecting information from the moon surface as a part of Chandrayan one mission.  Spectra 2K19, Physics 2018-19 was inaugurated by Sri. Muraleedharan M, Dept. of Physics, S.A.R.B.T.M Govt College, Koyilandy, with a talk on Nanotechnology and Nature. Physics association 2017-18 was inaugurated by. Dr. N.E.Rajeevan, Associate Professor, Department of Physics, Zamorin’s Guruvayurappan College and he delivered a talk on Gravitational Waves, LIGO detectors and Nobel Prize 2017. The inauguration of physics association 2016-17 was held on 13/2/2017. Dr. P.A.Subha, Department of Physics, Farook College gave a talk on Introduction to Solitons.